Magdalena and Satori


Magdalena‘s musical taste, along with the distinct mixture of sociability and serenity in her character are amongst the reasons why she is one of the most popular names in Ibiza. Satori, an artist not defined by any-one genre. He is here to satisfy any meditative music-lover by provoking a spiritual journey through his infinite sound-garden.

Start the day off slowly, with a selection of mouthwatering dishes and drinks. From ceviche to sliders, sangria to sake, taste the flavors while you soak up the sun and relax with the rhythm. As day becomes night, the music turns up and the spirits run free.

Friday November 17th at Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE


and our residents Frederick Stone Jixo & Danz DJ JEAN B Aidin Karami

For reservations, contact +971 (0)56 113 3400 or

Reservation timings from 11AM – 9PM
Restaurant hours from 1PM – 11PM

Safety driver service available (booking required 48-hours prior to event); guarantee yours today.

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