Luciano and Guti (live)


On Friday November 3rd, make your way to the Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE universe, and immerse yourself in our undisputed unique vibe that has truly shaped Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE as the only destination you need.

Stay on the beach, relish in our delicious Mediterranean fusion delights and our mixologists have created for you some refreshing, summer cocktails and smoothies that will take you through the day into the night and keep you energized asking for more!

This week features an incredible line-up of International and local DJ’s & Producers fully equipped for a ride through a new season filled with groove, bass and lots of dancing.

Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE … Not just a beach club, it’s a lifestyle.

This week features:

Luciano (Official Page)
Guti (Live)

And our usual suspects Frederick Stone Jixo & Danz DJ JEAN B and Aidin Karami

For reservations, contact 056 113 3400 or email

Reservation timings from 11AM – 9PM
Restaurant hours from 1PM – 11PM

Safety driver service available (booking required 48-hours prior to event); guarantee yours today.

Luciano (Official Page)

Ranking as one of today’s most influential and ground breaking world traveling DJs and Performers, Switzerland born and Chile raised Luciano has always been at the forefront of Techno and House. From his appearance at Santiago’s Love Parade and his move back to Europe at 21 years old, this forward thinking innovator has brought his own eclectic and truly unique blend of Electronic Music and passionate Latin grooves to crowds all over the planet, taking the stage at all the most renowned clubs from Ibiza to Berlin, Peru to Tokyo, via London, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo and everywhere in between.

Guti (live)

“Drawing up his own way” is the philosophy of Guti. He shoned in the world of Jazz at early age, he demonstrates to be a sensible & intense pianist, with his own language, playing in some of the biggest stadiums & winning gold records in South America in the last decade as a rock musician. In 2006, life take him to a new path: Techno music. Curious, ironic & creative, fusing electronic music with his jazz & latin roots, Guti quickly became one of the most eager & interesting producer of the Latino American house scene.

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